Backstory to Birmingham Shines with Sheree Martin

Sheree Martin explains how and why she created Birmingham Shines, the podcast, and the larger Shinecast® brand.

Sheree is a Birmingham, Alabama entrepreneur, lawyer and former college professor. She’s also a professional writer and speaker. The Shinecast® media brand grew out of a vision for inspirational and educational media content to help others Discover, Grow and Shine in all aspects of life.

The Shinecast brand began in 2012 with the first Shinecast show, the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast. ICYMI: Shine Springs Farm is so-named because of a geological landmark known as “Shine’s Spring” which is located on the property, not because Sheree was originally fixated on the word “shine”….:)

The preview episode of Birmingham Shines podcast was published on iTunes April 30, 2015, along with the blog post on the original Birmingham Shines website.